The Team

Since inception, is formed by a group of committed business and technological team of experts who are the pioneers in launching one of the first Bitcoin cryptocurrency kiosks in the APAC region. We strongly believe that Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies will be fully adopted as the go-to method of payments in the near future. As a leading manufacturer in the industry, we've successfully integrated reliable hardware with our custom-built user-friendly software for the best customer experience.

Our Vision

Why do we do this?

We strive to be the market leader and one-stop-solution kiosk provider in the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market. Bitcoin, as well as all other cryptocurrencies represent one of the world's most revolutionary technology with the potential to bringing disruptive benefits to everyone, especially in the ease of payments around the world. We're adamant in bringing this technology to all parts of the world so everyone may reap the benefits from Blockchain technology. Join us today in the journey of this new revolution!

Our Mission

How will we achieve this?

We're one of the world's leading provider of cryptocurrency kiosk. Our team has spent years manufacturing secure hardware and integrating it to our user-friendly software blockchain-enabled technology. This enables safe, secure and efficient buying and selling of Bitcoin as well as all other cryptocurrencies. 

In addition, we pride ourselves as not just a technological provider, but also in forming a truly mutual beneficial business relationship. We do not just focus on just profits, but also have the growth mindset to collaborate together with you on a win-win business partnership. Please contact us today for more inquiries!