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Our General Manager Jesse will be one of the speakers in a Metaverse X NFT Workshop organized by 香港創業青年內地行 團結香港基金. He will take #Opensea as an example to shed light on how NFT works! Don't miss the chance to join it! Details are down below: Date: 16th Feb 2022 Time: 8:00pm – 9:00pm Platform: ZOOM Fee: Free for entry. Participants may have to prepare their digital wallet and Ethereum if they would like to mint NFT on their own. More details will be available via Whatsapp after registration. Registration: 我們的GM Jesse將會作為講者出席由香港創業青年內地行(MEET) 舉辦的元宇宙X NFT 工作坊。Jesse會以Opensea作為例子教大家鑄造NFT!詳情如下: 日期:2022年2月16日(三) 時間:晚上8:00-9:00 平台:ZOOM 費用:工作坊不收取任何費用。如欲自行發行NFT,需準備網絡錢包和以太幣用作交付網絡費用。詳情會如報名後透過Whatsapp群組發放。 報名連結: #CryptoGo #Cryptocurencies #Ethereum #ETH #ERC20 #NFT #Ploygon #Metaverse #workshop #opensea #NFTminting

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