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Thank you Blockchain.News for the interviewing! Our GM Jesse shared the ideas about #CryptoGo and the values of Cryptocurrency kiosks. We are confident and optimistic about the future development and popularity of CryptoGo.

CryptoGo is a bank-grade and customizable white-label cryptocurrency kiosk, please contact us for further inquiry.

感謝Blockchain.news的採訪!我們的GM Jesse分享了對 #加密貨幣自助買賣機 的前景看法及其在市場上的價值與重要性。 我們對#加密高 的發展前景充滿信心。加密高是一部達至銀行級保安程度、可定制的白標加幣貨幣自助買賣機,如感興趣,請即聯絡我們查詢。

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