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我們的總經理 Jesse 擔任 HKPC 生產力局 #去中心化金融 相關課程的講師。

DeFi 對傳統 #銀行業#證券業 等或會帶來前所未有的衝擊。

想了解 #DeFi 如何運作,切勿錯過本課程!

課程可獲 #RTTP (再工業化及科技培訓計劃) 資助。

如有疑問歡迎PM 查詢!

Our General Manager Jesse is the lecturer of HKPC - "DeFi: Banking-on-chains". DeFi may have an unprecedented impact on the traditional #banking and #securities industries. Wanna know more about DeFi and how it works? Don't miss the course! The course is RTTP approved. If you have any questions, feel free to PM us!

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