With the fast transaction, reliable, and minimal transaction fee, CryptoGo provides the best features catered to all your specific needs.


Your most advanced bi-directional

cryptocurrency kiosk, ever.

Major cryptocurrencies supported

CryptoGo enables single or multi-cryptocurrency trading,

including the option to add your custom-made token!

Return of Investment

Our businesses allow you to gain a quick return for your investment, generating one of the best profit return possible.

We're keen to develop a win-win business partnership where we are not only committed to increasing short-term revenue but collaborating in forming a long-lasting alliance and building the business together! 

We provide professional consultancy, solving all your inquiries such as launching a new cryptocurrency trading system, providing over-the-air software updates and technical tutorial guidance on technical maintenance, etc. Your operation team is fully supported to serve your valued clients all over the world.


Our team are fully dedicated to supporting all your needs and inquiries.

Support Team

We are proud to be your technological partner, and please rest assured that we are here to support and cater to your inquiries. Besides, we will upgrade our products with over-the-air software updates.


We go the extra mile in order and provide all technical and operational support so your team may focus on your valued clients.


We're the pioneer to launch one of the first cryptocurrency kiosks in the APAC region, providing the best solutions in the market.


Our business model is flexible. We remain flexible to be the best technological partners for all clients with different needs.


Our business and technological team act as consultants to provide business solutions, offering technical know-how to ensure your success with your business! 

About Us

CryptoGo, a team of technologists aim to become the pioneer and market leader of the Blockchain and Cryptocurrency market. 

CryptoGo provides a one-stop-shop solution and becomes the go-to cryptocurrency kiosk provider in the industry. Contact us now for more inquiries!

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